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Much Love, Many Blessings, and Happy Trails 'Til We Meet Again,

Allorah Rayne

The Wayfaring Witch

Bright Tidings Wayfaring Soul!,


Welcome to my camp fire, pull up a chair and let’s get real. 


Did you know fires have been used for thousands of years as spiritual storytelling places?


My name is Allorah Rayne. I’m a Witch. A Tarot reader. A Spiritual Shit Disturber.

I’m here to rattle you out of your comfort zone so you can reach new heights in your spiritual adventure. I’m a Wayfaring Witch; I enjoy the spiritual liberation I find in the magick of travel, learning from the groovy people I meet, and the spirits of the lands that I visit. 


Doing the work, the real hard personal stuff, can be so difficult to do on your own. My Tarot readings and teaching style are designed to guide you through the tough stuff. I’m beside you every step of the way. 


One of my favorite quotes about the wolf, one of my familiars, is, “When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.”

People often think it’s more heroic stand alone, but human beings need each other. We, like the wolf, are social creatures that need to feel a sense of belonging and support. It’s an anthropological fact. 


The magick I will teach you is tailored specifically for your needs, and your desires. It will open up the way for you to walk your own empowered path. Witchcraft is as diverse as the people who practice it, and one-size does not fit all. 


If you are ready to tilt your head back, claim your power, and howl like the wolf, join me. 

Let’s make some magick! 

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Thank you so much Allorah, this reading resonates on a deep level.  I definitely feel like I understand the challenges and the blessings between he and I more than I did before.  This reading was insightful, wonderfully encouraging, and offered some amazing guidance!  It’s a reading I will revisit often!  I am very interested in the different types of readings you offer and hope to be back for another reading soon!  Incredibly happy I discovered your page!

A. D. 

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