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Signs You Might be a Light Child

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Indigo. Rainbow. Crystal. Most people reading this article will most likely recognize these words as descriptions of someone they know, or, at least as a concept that applies to 'new age' souls. I refer to them as the Light Children. Indigo, Rainbow, and Crystal are all different frequencies of light waves by which a soul may use to incarnate.

Though the above are the most popular terms, there are over 77 different known kinds of light children. They are each unique and have striking characteristics you may not have ever thought about. As we awaken further as a collective consciousness, more and more light children are guiding the way. Many believe that these souls are new to the earth but I am of the opinion that these souls have existed since the dawn of man across time and space, incarnating when the earth requires their specific energy most.

I am also of the belief that these souls can choose to hybridize themselves. This simply means they can choose to incarnate from different waves of light in combination. For example, it is possible to be an Indigo Crystal child exhibiting characteristics of both.

Although each is unique, there are some characteristics which are found across the light spectrum.

1. Fine Motor Coordination

No matter which light spectrum they may choose to incarnate from, current light children typically will display an issue with their fine motor skills. This can manifest as just being clumsy to physical disorders which affect movement. The theory as to why this is stems from the belief that those who incarnate from the light spectrum have issues navigating their human body. They have been in the ethers so long that their bodies are literally foreign to them.

2. Rebellion

Rebellion is a theme found across the light spectrum when the soul is not in alignment with their divine purpose or find themselves lacking and essential requirement from their environment. This can look like not listening, outright defiance, or a disregard for personal safety. It can even look like ADHD, oppositional definace disorder, or an array of other mental health concerns. Always seek medical advice from a professional regarding mental health. However, keep in mind that it may be environment related. For example, some of the light children will express rebellion because they feel they are not being heard by those around them. Trying a different communicative approach may dissuade or stop the unwanted behavior. Again, always seek the advice of a medical professional but do your own experimenting with cause and affect to see if they are simply lacking something they need to be in alignment with their purpose.

3. Spirituality

children meditating

Those incarnated from the light spectrum often show an affinity for spirituality early on in their lives. Typically, those from the light spectrum have a spiritual or otherworldly experience around the age of 3-4. They may see or communicate with spirits, have a strong connection to a supreme being, and they may even begin their own spiritual routine (i.e. prayers at night, meditation, or needing to be around spiritual icons).

Children are infamously intuitive and open to possibility. However, light children will express a deep sense of knowing their experiences with the divine are true. It is important that this quality is honored and received well as many children who experience negative feedback of their spirituality will go into a shell, shut down their connection, and later, may even turn to escape mechanisms such as drugs and alcohol.

4. Divine Purpose

Light children typically have a deep knowing that they are on the Earth at this time for a particular mission/purpose. That purpose is specific to each ray of light and usually expresses itself in mid-childhood. The catch is, the purpose may not be something typical. For instance, the child may not know they want to be a doctor of any kind but they will know they are here to help heal others. Keeping in alignment with this purpose is of utmost importance. When light children are aligned with their divine purpose they can move mountains. When not aligned, they grow stagnant, rebellious, and cynical. In young children this usually shows as being extremely strong-willed to accomplish whatever task they set out to do. They are like a dog with a bone who won't stop chewing until they devour the meat.

5. Boundaries and Systems

All light children incarnate to test and break boundaries, systems, and energies that no longer serve society. They are here to revolutionize the world as it existed into something more conducive to the incoming spiritual frequencies. They are often seen as the dreamers, troublemakers, activists, innovators, movers, and shakers. Their mission is not to be these things but are rather slapped with these labels by those holding lower frequency paradigms.

Revolutions in cultural, social, political, and financial systems occurred simultaneously within those decades on a massive scale. In my observation of light children, they seem to flood the populous every 20 years. If you look back as far as the beginning of the 1900s (and I'm using America here because that's what I have the most experience in) and look at what occurred in the decades of 1900, 1920, 1940, 1960, 1980, and 2000 - you will see extraordinary changes. This concept is massively exciting to me because we've just entered 2020 and I'm very much expecting massive change in the coming years.

Thanks for joining me for another installment of the Soul Origin Realm series. If you think you may have spent incarnations in other realms and would like to discover which realms, check out the Soul Origin Profile offerings in my Shop!

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