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Signs You Might be a Starseed

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

There is a theory that some souls are not of this place or dimension but rather from star systems and planets far from Earth. By the time you read this, I bet you will probably have read at least 10 articles on Starseed characteristics/traits. The descriptions are usually on a broad spectrum and the specifics can vary depending on which area of the cosmos you may hail from. However, these articles are only half the story. They point to traits and characteristics that we may have carried over from previous incarnations in various star systems, but we leave ourselves quite a bit more info on those past lives if we know what to look for. This article will be like NOTHING you've read before. In this article in the Soul Origin Series, I am giving you some insight into how to tell you might be a Starseed based on your natal and fixed star astrology charts.

When I profile someone, I look for what I like to call 'sign posts' in the natal and fixed star astrology charts. These are clues that indicate someone has had a previous incarnation in one of the 5 realms of non-human existence. Today, we're only going to look at the Starseed realm. Grab a pen and paper, a cuppa, and get ready to learn something mind blowing!

You have Behenian fixed stars parallel/conjunct chart points

Behenian Fixed Stars are a group of 15 stars that are considered especially useful in magick in the medieval astrology of Europe and the Arab world. Behenian comes from the Arabic word "bahman" which means "root." These stars are though to contain the root of astrological power. Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa discusses them in The Three Books of Occult Philosophy. These stars have great significance in a chart when parallel or conjunct a chart point whether personal planet, outer planet, or asteroid. Further, if these stars are within 6 degrees of a chart point, the influence of the star is even more pronounced. The Behenian stars are as follows and in the order they appear in Agrippa's works: Algol, Pleiades Star Cluster, Aldebaran, Capella , Sirius, Procyon, Regulus, Alkaid, Algorab, Spica, Arcturus, Alphecca, Antares, Vega, Deneb Algedi. Below is a table to show each stars magickal correspondences.

The degree of influence of the star depends largely on the significance of the chart point within the whole of the chart, the degree to which it is separated from the chart point, and whether it's parallel or conjunct (parallel holds greater strength than conjunct usually). For example: Arcturus parallel the natal moon is profoundly more significant than Arcturus conjunct natal Eris. It has taken me a lot of time, and a lot of profiles, to refine my assessment of the Behenian stars. I hope you can see why they are significant to consider in soul origin work and maybe understand a bit more how they affect your natal chart. These stars can be used in all kinds of magick as well so if you're into cosmic witchcraft, you may want to add them to your toolbox.

You have fixed stars conjunct/parallel chart points that are also in the same constellation as a Behenian fixed star.

So if you have other fixed stars which create conjunctions and parallels to your chart points that are not Behenian but, do share the same constellation, this may be a good sign post. The significance of these stars depends on their proximity to the chart point, the chart point itself, whether it's parallel or conjunct, and its proximity to a Behenian star. Behenian stars have a massive influence compared to other fixed stars. So it stands to reason that the constellation these stars exist in would also be affected by the power of the Behenian star. You're probably wondering at this point how you determine which stars have the most influence, especially if you have multiple Behenian stars in the mix. Well the answer is simple and complex all at the same time. In the soul origin profiling process, intuition is married to data analysis for determinations to be made. That being said, if you're looking at your own natal chart, you should get a strong intuitive pull towards the particular stars/constellations that apply to your soul origins if multiple stars of significance exists.

You have balanced rays and/or modes

In your natal astrology chart you have something called rays and modes. Rays are a feature of esoteric astrology and are the 7 cosmic rays of light from which all planets and life are conditioned. Each of the rays has correspondences, including to the 7 main chakras. Modes in astrology tell us whether a sign is cardinal (leader), fixed (stable), or mutable (flexible). When the rays and/or the modes are balanced, this can be a positive signpost that you may have origins in the Starseed realm. This is because Starseeds are quite literally chameleons by nature. When a natal chart shows that an individual enters the world with balanced rays (aka chakras) and/or they are astrological chameleons it becomes an important clue to deducing Starseed origins. However, these signposts can also indicate other realms such as Light Children and Angelic so, again, intuitive feeling is important.

You have a significant amount of chart points that range from 25-29 degrees in Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, Leo, Cancer, and/or Capricorn

Twice each year an alignment in the cosmos occurs between the Sun, Earth, and the Pleiades cluster - once from May 17-19 and again from November 17-19. This alignment is known as the Pleiades line up. Theoretically, this is when Pleiadean based souls incarnate to Earth through the gateway created by the alignment. Though there are other alignments for Pleiadean incarnation, this one is the most prominent. This signpost can directly point to probably Pleiadean lineage of the individual.

The air element is strong in your natal chart

An abundance of air appearing in the natal chart is another positive sign post of possible Starseed origins. The working theory is that those who originate from the cosmic plane bring with them an element for which they are adept. They quite literally come from space which is best represented elementally by air. This signpost can also point to possible Elemental or Angelic origins but is prominent among Starseeds as well.

There are a plethora of natal chart markers that exist to serve as signposts. The ones listed here are the most glaring signs that someone may have soul origins in the Starseed realm. Each race of star beings have their own set of signposts that they carry with them into this life. For example, lots of Andromedans have a strong connection to the zodiac signs Libra and/or Sagittarius. So, if you feel like your soul is not of the Earth but from somewhere else in the cosmos, there is a strong possibility that you may be a Starseed and with chart analysis married to intuitive faculties, it is possible to find the clues your soul has left your human self. It's all part of the soul origin profile process. If you would like to read more about Starseed Characteristics, I recommend checking out this article from Otherworldly Oracle.

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