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Signs You Might be Angelic

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

Welcome back to another blog exploring the realms of non-human incarnation, the Soul Origin Series. Thank you for joining me and I hope you take a little more wisdom from this blog than you had before. I often see people talking about the realm of the angels and struggling to understand them. Though the angelic realm exists in Christianity, it is only one way of understanding angelic beings.

Defining Angels

The word angel is taken from the Greek 'angelos' which means messenger. The concept of angels has existed across many cultures and religions throughout history whether the word angel was specifically used to define the messenger beings. In buddhism these beings are known as devas and in the ancient world of Greece existed the daimon.

The angelic realm, its existence and hierarchy, remains debatable among theologians and spiritualists. Despite existing cross-culturally, the prevalence of angels continues to dominate in western culture and the Abrahamic religions. Since it is the most widely known use of angelic beings, we will discuss the choirs first as they exist in Christianity. In Christian tradition there are 9 choirs of angels - seraphim, cherubim, thrones, dominions, virtues, powers, principalities, archangels, and angels - in that order. The hierarchy is further broken down into spheres with seraphim, cherubim, and thrones in the first; dominions, virtues, and powers in the second; and principalities, archangels, and angels in the third. Just because these are the most widely known choirs does not mean they are the only or even the preferred choirs of angels among occultists.

Angel Magick and Soul Origin Profiling

Angel magick is most specifically practiced by those in Ceremonial, Enochian, and Cabalistic/Jewish mysticism magick. Angels are also woven into the practices of Hoodoo, Christian mysticism, Eclectic witchcraft, and others. In researching angelic beings, and reading many texts on the subject, I have come to my own conclusions about angelic beings.

In Soul Origin Profiling I test for the occult choirs of angels as described by Francis Barrett in his book The Magus or Celestial Intelligencer; being a complete system of occult philosophy. Barrett agrees with the Christian choirs of angels with the exception that the lowest sphere of angelic beings has been omitted. This sphere contains the choirs known as the innocents, martyrs, and confessors. In the hundreds of profiles I've completed, I have found that those with previous incarnations among the angelic realm to come from the second or third sphere for the vast majority. This does not surprise me as those who are self-aware enough to seek a soul origin profile are deeply in tune with multi-dimensionality of the multiverse.

Angelic Traits

And now for the moment you've all been waiting for... the traits of the angelics. The following are clues that you may have had a previous incarnation among the angelic realm of beings.

1. You're a loner

Angelic souls who incarnate to Earth tend to be natural loners. They are highly sensitive and need time to recharge. While many people consider themselves loners, angelic souls will go out of their way to avoid socialization, not because they don't like it, but rather because they are happier by themselves. Truly happier. They are focused on a higher purpose and see no need for trivial social interaction.

2. You are often in the right place at the right time

Does it seem like you always show up in the nick of time to save someone's life or to help others avoid catastrophe? Have you helped someone in an emergency without revealing any details about yourself, including your name? Angelic souls have no need for recognition for completing a good deed. They see their help to mankind as their purpose and responsibility. They seldom reveal any details about themselves and save people from disaster at crucial moments in their lives.

3. You feel you were born with a specific mission

Angels are born into this world knowing they are here to complete a specific and divine mission. While most can't express what that may be in their youth, they often begin actioning their purpose at an early age. For example, you may know that you are here to be a healer of humanity and determine from a young age that you want to be a medical doctor or reiki practitioner.

4. You understood divinity and the concept of God early

Children develop their faith and concept of God around the age of 6-7. Prior to this age, believing in abstract concepts is difficult to the point of nearly impossible. Children who are able to understand the concept of God and/or the divine before the age of 6 have quite possibly had incarnations within the angelic realm. And to understand the concept is not to regurgitate what they've learned from mom and dad but rather taking initiative on their own to strike up conversations about complex and abstract ideas about God energy.

5. You put the needs of others before your own, to a fault and material possessions mean nothing to you

Angelic souls have a bad habit of caring very little about their own well being. Quite a few angelic souls I've met have been taken advantage of and engaged in toxic relationships due to their unconditionally giving nature. Unfortunately, this trait can see a lot of these souls wind up in a state of destitution because they really don't care about material possessions. To them, worldly goods truly have no bearing on their lives.

6. You have a glow about you or have been described as angelic for most of your life since childhood

In all my years doing this work, I have learned how to spot angelic souls and I have a pretty good record at being correct. Angelic souls have a certain auric glow about them that just attracts people to them. They are a warm presence to interact with. Children and pets also flock to angelic souls because their sixth senses and auric fields can detect the presence of an angelic being subconsciously.

7. You have appeared to be in two places at once

Since angelic beings have the ability to exist in multiple dimensions simultaneously, you are likely to be told you've been seen by people in two different places that could not have possibly seen you. These people could be cities, states, countries or even continents apart from where you live. And, if you're angelic, you are likely to hear this on a regular basis.

8. You are clumsy, awkward, or have a disability which limits your mobility or learning

Angelic beings, in their purest form, are spirit who are not used to having a human body. When incarnate, they often struggle with their coordination and fine motor skills. Some angelics even 'break' their human bodies upon entry. The theory about this is basically that their energy is too high of a frequency to be contained in their biological vessel. I was not surprised to learn in doing the work that I do that many incarnated angels struggle with either physical or learning disabilities related to mobility.

9. You are drawn to the healing, teaching, and counseling professions

Whether its people, animals, or mother nature herself, those with angelic soul origins are naturally drawn to the healing and counseling professions. Counselor, psychologist, veterinarian, environmental protection, doctor, teacher (especially K-12), animal husbandry, and nurse are all professions in which you can find incarnated angels. These professions allow them to help humanity while also using their creativity and natural healing abilities.

10. You have no sense of time and do not fear the future or past

Those who have angelic soul origins are likely late to everything they attend and see no reason why anyone should be upset. Angels are creators and have their own sense of time which is dictated by when they create. Time is not experienced linearly by angelic souls and they never see themselves as late but always right on time. They never feel guilt for it nor will they ever apologize. They do not fear the future and have no need to look in the past. They experience most things in the moment as, to them, it is the past, present, and future in singularity.

While some of these signs will naturally overlap with other realms of incarnation, it is the prominence of which they occur simultaneously that sheds light onto probably angelic soul origins. If you have found that some of these apply to you but not all, you may have had a distant past life among the angelic realm that is not of significance for the current evolution of your soul in this lifetime.

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