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Holistic Ascension Energy Healing Waiver

All energetic healing clients MUST fill out and sign this form prior to booking their healing session.

Upon the purchase of a Holistic Ascension Energy Healing © session you understand the ethics and policies of energy healing listed on the Policies page of You also agree that you release and its practitioners from any and all liability of consequences that may result from your healing session. This is including but not limited to possible physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, financial, or other side effects/consequences of your healing session. Though energy healing is massively beneficial, it can also release repressed trauma and toxicity within the mind, body, and soul that requires further work from you and which cannot be covered in a singular healing session. The healing session itself may produce minor physical sensations of heat, cold, chills, tingling, weightlessness, drowsiness, and/or excitability. Healing sessions may also produce spiritual side effects of various clair abilities and emotional release (crying).    

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