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TwoofOwls Tarot is founded and owned by the fabulous Chase TwoOwls. Grab a reading from the man himself or one of the readers on the Readers Market. You can also stock up on magickal supplies through Owls Peak Provisions, a TwoofOwls Tarot subsidiary.


Otherworldly Oracle is an information rich blog with heaps of content for witches from beginner to advanced. The site also provides dream interpretation readings and ancestral genealogy profiles. Otherworldly Oracle also has a Facebook page and group dedicated to the education of magickal practitioners.


If you're looking for herbal, oil, incense, and witchy crafts in Australia, look no further! Juniper Moon Apothecary specializes in folk magick blends from a variety of traditions. Orders are shipped weekly and the customer service is excellent, even offering custom products upon request. 


Experiencing paranormal activity? PAST is a national network with paranormal teams all over the United States. The leader of the team in Tennessee is amazing and, in fact, a former paranormal teammate. Click on the banner to check out the PAST website or click the button below to email the PAST TN!

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