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Star Systems & Other Starseed FAQ's

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Welcome back to The Wayfaring Witch blog! Today I thought I'd sit down and answer some of the most frequently asked questions from individuals looking to know their starseed origins specifically from having a soul origin profile completed. It's not too long of a list but I thought publishing them may answer questions before they're asked. Alright, here we go!


Can you tell me what star system my soul originates from and which Level I should order if I want specifics?

I get asked quite a lot if I can determine what star system a Starseed comes from. The answer to this question is yes....and no. When I undertake a soul origin profile, I do not predetermine that someone is a starseed (though they are more often than not). That being said, once their first survey of questions reveals it to be highly probable that they are starseed, the follow-up starseed realm survey contains questions which, when answered yes, are positive indicators of specific star systems. I also advise my clients that I cannot pinpoint specific star systems without the data gathered from the realm surveys which are only included in the Level 3 and Level 4 profiles. If you want specifics, these profiles are the way to go.

So can I tell what star system your soul originates from? No. Can I tell you star systems you previously incarnated in that hold important lessons for you to know in this current lifetime? ABSOLUTELY!

Can you tell me if I'm ....Sirian/Pleiadean/Lyran/Insert other starseed type here?

I also get asked if I can confirm a person's Sirius, Pleiadean, Orion, etc. origins. The answer to this is again.....yes and no. I cannot predetermine what will come up in a soul origin profile. It's no different than a past life reading in that regard. The star system origins that come through strongly within the realm surveys, the natal chart, and the fixed star chart are those that are the most important at that particular moment in time for the person's soul evolution. So sometimes the star system the person believes they're most connected to comes through as their most prominent star origin. Other times, it comes through but less prominently. And sometimes it doesn't come through at all.

Do you test for ALL starseed types on the realm survey?

There is no way I can test on a survey for every possible starseed system of origin. There are simply just too many. This is where both natal and fixed star charts, along with intuition, come in. There have been times when the starseed realm survey showed either prominent star systems which didn't feel right to my intuition, the survey didn't show any one dominant star system, or it showed very small percentages of positive indicators for any star systems but other factors and my intuition gave strong indication of starseed origns. In these instances, I rely heavily on my intuition to guide me. Oftentimes, these scenarios are indications that the person is from a star system which is not directly tested for in the starseed realm survey provided they do have some indication of starseed origins in their charts.

What star systems are included in the starseed realm survey?

Originally, there were only 10 star systems on the survey. Recently I added 5 more as I saw an influx of these starseeds coming to me for soul origin profiles. Currently, there are 15 star systems included in the realm survey. They are as follows (the first 10 listed are the original star systems on the starseed realm survey):

  1. Sirius

  2. Pleiades

  3. Arcturus

  4. Andromeda

  5. Orion

  6. Lyra

  7. Vega

  8. Alpha Draconis

  9. Alpha Centaurian (aka Appollonian)

  10. Avian

  11. Regulus

  12. Spica

  13. Cassiopeia

  14. Hyades

  15. Procyon

What star systems are NOT in the starseed realm survey that you've seen come up for people?

That list is quite random! There are a few of these that I need to include in the starseed realm survey but just haven't gotten to it quite yet. I generally do not add star systems to the survey unless I see an influx of these starseed types coming to me for readings. If it's one profile here and one profile there, I won't include them. Here are some star systems, in no particular order, that are NOT on the starseed realm survey but that have come through in soul origin profiles for people as important to their soul's evolution:

  • Perseus

  • Beta Centauri (Hadarian)

  • Pegasus

  • Altair

  • Eridanus

  • Polaris

And these are just some of the star systems I've seen come through! This doesn't count the super obscure starseed systems like Delphinus or Cetus that I've seen come through once or twice.

Do you do live starseed readings?

No. The reason for this is because I use a mash-up of metaphysical/esoteric techniques to derive the results of a profile. Using 3+ kinds of astrology in combination with multiple surveys takes a lot of focus, concentration, and time. Soul origin profiles, which contain starseed readings, are a meticulous process that take hours and cannot be completed in a video chat.

Is there any way I can talk to you about my results?

YES! Though I can't preform soul origin profiles on demand, I can definitely meet with you to discuss the process of your profile and how I arrived at the conclusions contained therein. This option is something I've recently added to the Level 3 and Level 4 profiles. Now when you order, you can select from the drop down menu on the right if you'd like to set up a one-hour live ZOOM session with me to discuss the results of your profile. Once I have completed your profile, I will discuss a day and time you're available to chat with me. Already had a profile and want to chat about your results but this option wasn't available? Send me an email and I'll be happy to set it up.

Thanks for taking the time to read these FAQ's. I hope that if you've had questions about your starseed origins and what a soul origin profile could do for you, you got some answers today. If you have any further questions, drop 'em below and I'll be sure to include them in my next FAQ blog.

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