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Tarot Philosophy

Tarot is a road map of choices for the soul, and a way to journey between the worlds. A tarot reading without guidance for action is like going to a doctor who can't write a prescription. I make it my mission to provide my clients with applicable tools to aid them in their journey upon the completion of any reading.


Tarot readings do not reflect fixed outcomes.

At any time, your choices have the ability to affect the outcome from the cards. 

Tarot has the unique ability to inform and empower you to continue on your current course of action, or show you that it's time to switch directions. It can even show you how to change directions by mapping out different possibilities. 


But in the end? 

It’s about what you choose. 

I believe the art of card divination is a calling deep within the soul. 

For those brave enough to answer, the cards offer unlimited experiences of great reward.


My tarot readings are interactive. I call what I see, and I expect you to be honest about what the cards are saying. All readings are held in sacred space, which means there’s no judgment; just compassion and guidance for what you’re facing ahead. 


Though I like to have as little information as possible prior to a reading, a summary of your personal goals upon the completion of the reading are greatly helpful.


My journey with the tarot began when I was 9-years old, and I have been reading the cards for more than 20 years. 

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Energy Healing Policy

I do not claim to be a master of any specific energy healing modality or practice. I have studied a variety of energy healing modalities both academically and experientially to create my own energy healing practice and services.

I have practiced energy healing on myself for well over a decade.

Holistic Ascension Energy Healing© is not a curative system. It is also no substitute for professional medical, legal, psychological, counseling, or financial advice.

Energy healing can aide an individual to remove conscious and subconscious obstacles in their lives including but not limited to: toxic patterns and behaviors, physical ailments, ancestral and past life trauma, entity and spirit removal, chakra and auric clutter, karmic bindings, relationship hiccups and toxic trauma cycles, and much more.


Energy healing requires the client to commit to the healing work and engage in receptiveness and relaxation.

At this time, sessions are distance only via ZOOM.

Clients must be 18 and have filled in/signed the waiver of liability prior to engaging in a HAEH session and all other Ethics of intuitive services apply.



Witchcraft Philosophy

I have been a wayfarer all my life, never staying in one place for too long. Currently I reside part time in both the U.S. and Western Australia.

I have traveled all over the continental U.S., several places in Australia, and have only just begun.

I love travelling to new places and taking my magick with me wherever I roam, ever the wayfaring witch soul.


There is something so indescribable about weaving magick in unfamiliar surroundings. Tapping into the magick of new lands, creating new sacred spaces, and knowing the most magickal thing in your practice is the power you bring into a location. Teaching others that witchcraft and magick are not static but, rather, ever flowing throughout time, place, and space is a soul call from the divine. 


I believe the bravest thing one can do is to live rather than merely exist. I live my life and approach my practice with exuberance, wonder, and an insatiable appetite for experience.


I hold a Bachelor of Science in History with minors in Anthropology and English with the distinction of Summa Cum Laude, the highest honors given in American university.  I have a keen mind for academics and pride myself on my ability to engage both heart and mind in everything I do. I love using my knowledge of history and anthropology in my personal practice, in my everyday life, and in my teaching and mentoring.


To me, witches are warriors who believe in the power of the earth, themselves, and magick to love, to heal, to overcome. But a warrior doesn't go into battle unprepared.


As a mentor, I believe in arming you with information, tips, tools, techniques, and suggestions to support you in your spiritual journey. My goal is always to provide an empathetic, intellectual, and sacred space to enable a practitioner to realize, excercise, grow, and experience their own power, in their own flavor of magick.  


You must be 18+ to purchase a spiritual service from me. 

All client information and contents of a session are kept strictly confidential. 

Intuitive reading is not a substitute for professional advice including but not limited to legal, psychological, financial, and medical council. 

I do not teach, nor preform, predictive readings.

I do not advise my clients to make life-altering decisions based on our sessions. Any decisions made after a session are the sole responsibility of the client.

I do not engage in third-party sessions. The only person I am conducting a service for is YOU.

I do not teach mediumship, but will teach how to identify archetypes of ancestors and/or spirit guides.

I will never require, nor insist on, the purchasing of further metaphysical services based on the outcome of a session. 

I serve my clients with their best and highest good in mind at all times with the goal of holding a supportive, compassionate, and understanding sacred space for you during any and all sessions.

I am required by law to inform you that any and all intuitive services are for the purposes of entertainment. 


I perform each and every session at the time the client has scheduled unless otherwise worked out prior to the scheduled session, at least 48 hours in advance.

All sessions and readings are conducted in sacred space. 

This includes live sessions as well as email readings.

Any purchased session (including tarot and oracle readings) that includes a pdf email delivery requires a   3-5 day delivery time after the date and time of the session.

Numerology profiles have a 10 business day delivery time.

Soul Origin Profiles have up to a 45 business day delivery time.


You must cancel any spiritual service 48 hours prior to the scheduled session time.

All spiritual services are non-refundable once the service has been preformed.

If you are not satisfied with your service please don't hesitate to converse with me so that we may find a solution together.

Once a digital product is downloaded, the purchase is no longer refundable. This includes pdfs, audio, and video files.

Any subscription plan can be cancelled by logging into your account and canceling your subscription plan. To ensure the plan does not renew, please cancel at least 7 days prior to plan renewal. 

Updated: January 24, 2024

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