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How to Find Your Magical Super Power in Your Natal Chart

Did you know that your natal chart literally tells you what about your magical super power(s)? Well, it does and I'm going to tell you all about it!

Natal Chart

I work with astrology on a daily basis through Soul Origjn Profiling. I use both geocentric and heliocentric astrology in my work and there is a chart point that I've come across that changes the entire ball game. It can show you your magical super power(s) and tell you the easiest and fastest way for YOU to level up spiritually or to kick your self-development into overdrive. It can also show you how to open doorways to other possible realities. Interestingly, this point does not change between geocentric or heliocentric natal charts. This is a HUGE deal because this is one of the only points that exists in both systems and does not change position.

Are you ready to reveal the greatest secret that will allow you to be Ok here it is...

The Vertex (Vx)

The Vertex's meaning and significance is controversial among astrologers. Some astrologers believe the Vertex (Vx) is significant in synastry work (it's most common use) by pointing to fated/significant powerful relationships when one persons Vertex is conjunct or in opposition to the other person's Ascendant or personal planets. One of the reasons for this is because the Vertex (Vx) only ever falls in houses 5-9; houses better known as the relationship houses.

Most astrologers agree that its a point for wish fulfilment that is activated at a particular time in our lives. What that particular time is, is again, debatable. Some believe it is a relationship starting or ending that activates it. Some believe its activated upon a milestone, etc. In terms of significance, some astrologers pay little to no attention to it while others swear by it. Then there's me...

In Soul Origin Profiling, I use the Vertex (Vx) to determine magickal potency, innate talents, and different dimensions of reality readily accessible to an individual. This can then lead to conclusions concerning previous lives. For example, the Vertex can indicate if you have come into this life with a natural affinity for mediumship, astrology, herbalism, alternative medicine, healing, teaching, and so much more! I mean, there is literally a Vertex (Vx) placement I call the witch placement because 99% of my clients who have this placement are practicing witches or have been witches in previous lives. PLUS, it remains the same (same house and same sign) within the geocentric (physical personality) and heliocentric (pure soul) natal charts. Anything that translates exactly the same across both charts is highly significant in my work because it shows what the soul possesses before it gets here and then how it is expressed through the physical personality exactly as it is known to the soul. Most natal chart points change between the two systems whether by only a few degrees or by whole signs. So finding a point that translates across both exactly the same is extremely rare in my experience.

Where do I find the Vertex (Vx)?

The Vertex (Vx) is the point where the ecliptic and the prime vertical meet. The west side of this point is the Vertex (Vx) and the east side is the Anti Vertex (AVx). It exists on an axis like the MC/IC or ASC/DESC. In fact, some astrologers consider the Vx/AVx to be a second ASC/DESC in its meaning. I only find this comparison true in that the Vertex (Vx) is an outward expression while the Anti Vertex (AVx) remains subconscious or internal. As I said earlier, the Vertex (Vx) only ever falls in houses 5-9.

Marilyn Monroe natal chart
Marilyn Monroe's natal chart with the Vertex (Vx) point, sign, and house highlighted

If you go to and then click on Charts & Calculations and then click on Extended Chart Selection this will give you the tools to ensure you can see the Vertex (Vx) point on the free natal chart drawing the website offers. Make sure you click on Additional Objects and then highlight Vertex on the menu to the left. This is easiest and most affordable way to find your Vertex (Vx) point.

What does this all mean for ME?

Now that you've found your Vertex (Vx) point, what does it say about you?

Vertex in the Signs


You have an almost compulsive need to open doors to entirely new worlds. You are naturally curious and pioneering. You love original ideas and techniques in action oriented tasks and anything that requires exploration and discovery. You can be persuasive, dynamic and an excellent motivator for others who are interested in the same things you are. You can develop an intense focus of skill in your chosen career/vocation. You are extremely inventive and are often drawn to beginnings. You love to start something new, pioneer, and put forward new concepts with unwavering confidence and courage. Sometimes your ideas seem to come out of nowhere and yet are just right for the situation. Your innate magical talents rest with eclecticism. You have a unique ability to create something new from old and tired systems. Don't be afraid to experiment with meshing things together to create something unique.


​As an earth sign, it's no surprise that you may have a deep love of nature. You desire to understand nature's cycles and mysteries. The more you open your mind, the more your teachers will be the plants, animals, and landscapes of the earth. Energetic grids and magnetic fields and their care and healing are another area of natural expertise. Your physical senses and sensuality can lead you to higher awareness. Tantric sex and aromas can open your mind and senses to this world in a way that few others can understand. In fact, tantric sex can even open doors to new dimensions for you. Sound and vibration will enthral you. Music can fill you with levity and be a powerful catalyst to enable you to reach higher awareness - this includes music for the purposes of singing, dancing, playing etc.. For some of you, money and finance is your vocation/career and you seem to have a magic touch in these areas. And even if it's not a career, you have a special touch with money magick and manifestation.


The Vertex in Gemini deepens and adds power and focus to all areas related to communication of any kind. It gives you natural skill and dexterity in communication to use in the most unusual ways. You will be strongly drawn to a vocation that requires communicative ability because of its ability to open your mind to worlds that fascinate you. Writing, reporting, speaking, teaching, film and theatre are doorways to knowledge that can revolutionize your life. The focussed dexterity you contain can draw you to illusion magic, sleight of hand, music, dance or yoga. These pursuits can allow you to escape into the energies of the universe and return revitalised and refreshed. In metaphysics, you have an innate talent for glamour magic that is unmatched by others. You may also have a destiny connected to birds. It is important that you are always kind and loving to these creatures. The ancient Celtic skill of being able to talk to birds, or diving by their flight patterns (augury), may come naturally to you. In our modern world, this destiny often translates to modes of flight such as piloting commercial or military airplanes, inventing new modes of flight, or being enthralled with the history of flight.


You have a magic touch with the public. You understand how to manipulate emotions and are highly responsive to the public mood. Unless other placements in your natal chart say otherwise, the public will instinctively love and respond to you. Your ability to feel the emotional flow in the world makes you a natural empath, most times to the point of clairsentience. This can be a double edged sword. While being able to feel the emotions of others in order to understand them better, it can be also be quite painful. To combat the darker side of human emotion, you will need to sometimes withdraw and become exceedingly private - closing yourself off to the outer world. These times of seclusion can provide very deep insights that increase your compassion and wisdom. If other parts of the natal chart concur, the Vertex in Cancer can give a natural affinity for mediumship easily connecting to ancestors, guides, and other spirits. You have a connection to the sea, rivers and lakes that is deep and often magical. King Arthur would have had the Vertex in Cancer and he had a special connection to magical waters. For this reason, many of you love sailing or boating particularly on big ships. Fishing is likely an activity that serves as a meditation that refreshes you whether you catch anything or not. Many people with this placement find their destined home on an island, boat, or with easy access to water. You may also find yourself with a natural affinity for scrying as a form of divination. Whether positive or negative, family is closely connected to your destiny. Regardless as to whether you love or hate them, their influence strongly affects your spiritual development.


You are destined to be famous. It is often thrust upon you quite unexpectedly and lasts for quite a while. It is important to embrace rather than resist it as it is fated. The Vertex in Leo gives an ability to be noticed and loved that outshines any other - even the Ascendant or MC in Leo bows to this placement. You have a magnetism that draws people to you who will happily do all they can to honor you and help you wherever you need help. Love is your doorway to enlightenment and new realities. You have a natural talent to give and receive love in abundance. However, if you abuse or neglect those who love you, the power and beauty of the Vertex in Leo will be diminished. Part of your destiny is connected to children. These children can be your own or those you are able to help in some way - child care, social work, stepparent, adoption, etc.. Their innocence, energy, and love of life, stimulate your own inner child which propels you to greater heights of awareness and increases your ability to shine. When you feel the joy of life, you become intensely creative and often achieve fame through a creative pursuit. If you find your joy of life diminishing, then play with those who love life and this will refill your joy tank. As you have a strong sense of drama, the theatre and all that goes with it may fascinate you and many of you find your destiny in this field. In magical practices, this Vertex provides an natural talent for creating lively and fruitful rituals and events of celebration.


This placement gives you the feeling that you are destined to help and heal. You will not feel as though you fit into the world until you find your specific niche. When you do, you will develop tremendous gifts and talents to offer those who need them. Virgo is the Vertex of the magician - and particularly the magic of the Earth. Rituals that open the door to the powerful cycles of the Earth are part of the gift of this placement. Druids, Wiccans, Folk Witches, Witches, and anyone connected to 'goddess' energy and other earth based spirituality are often associated with this Vertex, have a past life as a magician, or both. This Vertex is also tied to a destiny connected to animals and some birds. It's important to always treat them with kindness and respect. This destiny can include plants, particularly plants that are of service to mankind in some way, so you may find you have a wonderful natural talent for herbalism, nutritional, and flower remedies. Science and/or medicine can be a strong focus for Virgo and the Vertex here will give considerable inspiration to your speciality.


You dream of your soul mate and the Vertex in this Sign will often draw you to fated relationships. These relationships can last for an hour or years, be happy or unhappy. However, you never forget them because in some way they've touched your soul. Even a business partner or someone you deem an enemy can open new doors of enlightenment for you. At times, these people will be so different to you that you wonder how you even became involved with them, but they can offer ways of seeing the world that you never thought or even dreamed existed. If you have a scientific leaning, this placement can also be connected to artificial intelligence and/or robotics. You can be fascinated by the various forms of flying -from space ships to parachuting - and particularly fascinated by the people who are skilled in these areas. In magical practice, you may have a knack for synastry in astrology or instinctively knowing how to put the right people together to make magic happen!


This is one of the most demanding placements of the Vertex. This is because in the sign of Scorpio gives intense experiences and the Vertex axis amps up the intensity even more. Scorpio gives profound experiences in life and with the Vertex in this Sign these experiences will take you to its heights and depths in extremes. They can open your mind to amazing possibilities in the medical, research, and scientific fields or show you the depths of human nature - for better or worse. Some of you will have sexual experiences that are so powerful they will open doors to feelings you had no idea existed catapulting a drastic change in your whole life. You are ultra sensitive to voice. The singing voice can produce resonances that reverberate throughout your whole system and influences your moods and actions. This is why it's wise to make sure you choose to be around voices that uplift you rather than those that lower you. Scorpio is noted as the best healer of the Zodiac. With your Vertex here it is possible that you have a destiny in physical, mental, emotional or spiritual areas of healing. If you do follow this path, you can become a powerful force in one of these fields. In a magic sense, any type of holistic coaching, teaching, or counselling is suitable to your innate talents.


Sagittarius is the most insatiable explorer in the whole zodiac. Unless you've experienced trauma in childhood, travel and/or contact with those in other lands and faraway places are as necessary to you as breathing. As the Vertex is the doorway to other dimensions and realities, people with this placement can take travel to a different level. Many of you will astral travel without trying at least once in your lifetime. Quite a few of you will practice, hone, and consciously use this skill. Remote viewing is another form of exploration and travel that you may be drawn to. Being able to psychically see people and places in the world that you may never physically visit is alluring and sometimes irresistible to you. Proper training in this area is essential. Fortunately, in modern times, training in remote viewing is readily available. You will find yourself drawn to a country different to that of your birth. You have a destiny connected to a person born there or the land itself and its cultures, past or present. You may actually pick up and move to live in this country for many years or even to make it a permanent home. You may enjoy mental exploration just as much as physical. You take pleasure in exploring the great minds of the past; their thoughts open your own mind to quite different types of cultures and different modes of living. As a result of this, you can develop considerable expertise connected to religions and/or philosophies by studying the works of philosophers and spiritualists alike. As a side note, this is my Vertex placement. I have unconsciously astral travelled since the age of 16, have made spirituality my vocation, and have immigrated to Australia from America to marry my husband.


Capricorn is the sign responsible for foundations in many ways. It builds the structures of civilisations, cultures, societies and organisations. Your destiny is to be a part of this in some way. You find that you are magnetically drawn to the people, places or situations where your skill can help build permanent foundations. You will find that information about an ancient culture can have a profound effect you. You will want to learn all you can about this culture and time period. The information you glean from it can be applied to the present once you manipulate it to fit modern ways. Crystals and minerals speak to you. You have an instinctive understanding and knowing of their energy and how to apply it. You are naturally skilled with precious gems. You may build an extensive knowledge of how crystals can be used to align the energy centres of the body and become a powerful crystal healer. Those more scientific tend to develop an understanding of how to use crystals in a practical way. For example, how to use crystals or minerals to power machinery. Capricorn is connected to the bones of the Earth. Mountains or caves provide this Vertex with a dwelling for mystical experience. During these periods when you are deeply drawn to the bones of the Earth, you will feel the need to withdraw from society to re-energise. Proper physical alignment is important for you as this gives you the ability to access the mysteries of life and death. You will benefit from an understanding of the chakras and the proper alignment of the spine and bones of the body. For this reason Hatha Yoga and spiritual forms of Yoga are of particular benefit to you. The process of death and dying are also of special concern to this placement as our bones are of the earth. Magically, using literal bones for divination may prove powerful for the Capricorn Vertex.


Technology is just catching up to Aquarius. For some, the area of destiny has yet to be invented or has only just been invented. You have a strong social conscience and your destiny lies in areas that benefit people and/or the structures of society. You can freely give your time, expertise, inventions and even money if you feel this will benefit an individual, group or culture. You have the ability to see a situation from quite a different perspective and persuade others to see things in the same light. Aquarius is known for its eccentricity and out of the box thinking. This Vertex expresses those qualities as well. Whether your choice of career is writing, music, science, invention, or the social work areas, your input will always be original with a slant that brings new possibilities to the vocation. You can have a profound influence on others and may even be referred to as a catalyst for change. This Vertex brings a great interest in the mysteries of the universe that take you beyond ordinary life. Astrology, astronomy, science, physics, studying the very ancient past, or using your imagination to project into the future are all possible venues for your quest for answers. Outer space, aliens, and even the intelligence of other species on Earth are all areas of interest that if developed, can greatly contribute to human understanding. You can have a profound connection to birds which fly very high or fly very long distances - think Hawk or Falcon. You may have an affinity with electricity and other forms of energy and, if you have scientific mind, may be involved in finding alternative forms of energy to power our planet, or on a smaller scale, your home or vehicle. Many of you may choose to live off grid in favor of relying on more natural power sources. Alternatively, you may find you are drawn to the virtual reality areas and your skilful imagination can find ways to make this seem very real.


​You have the ability to see the big picture and the details. This is very useful in any area that requires imagination, inspiration or even technical expertise. This is the Vertex of compassion. You are aware of the spectrum of human emotion and are developing comprehension of how it all fits together to create a whole. As you develop this comprehension, you don't need to judge others as you can see behind the façade and into their soul. There is no hiding. These abilities can be used in many areas. Directing films is a talent that you may possess, even if you only direct your loved ones in home movies. Music as an art that heals the soul resonates with you. Politics is also very suited to this Vertex due to the diversity of populations and issues to resolve. If you prefer a quieter, more private life this placement will draw you to meditation, spiritual contemplation and sometimes seclusion. You might find the life of a monk, nun, or hermit appealing. These options give you the privacy to explore your inner being and develop greater wisdom. At times, you need the wide open spaces - the night sky, the vast ocean, the wide desert - to give you a feeling of infinity. You wish to soar, to escape into the universe, to merge with god and feel the ecstasy of divinity. Psychic abilities interest you a great deal and you may develop those that require empathy, especially diagnostic skills developed through being able to determine where there is a problem by touching a person or object or feeling their energy field. You could be naturally talented with psychometry, medical astrology, physical empathy, or auric work.

Vertex in the Houses

House 5

The Vertex in the 5th House indicates your doorway to higher awareness is through LOVE. This placement can give intense initiations and experiences in all matters to do with love. It can involve children, your own and those who are in your care. The initiation here is to be able to give love without judgment, expectation or preconception and to learn the difference between love and like. People with this placement usually have many relationships throughout their lifetime. This is a highly creative placement. You will be asked to create according to the nature of the sign that contains the Vertex. It is often quite difficult to open the door to this creative field, but once you do a whole wider world opens for you as well. If you are an active person, sport can open the door to a more powerful way of experiencing life. The discipline and commitment required by most forms of sport develop your ability to live life joyfully and successfully.

House 6

​The Vertex in the 6th House indicates your doorway to higher awareness is through SERVICE. This placement is a test of your ability to be effective in service to others and to value and enjoy what you have to offer at the same time. This initiation is to be able to give freely of a specific skill without people pleasing. The service can involve matters of community welfare i.e. police and health areas including natural methods of healing and medicine. You may feel a call to one of these areas that is hard to push away. You will be required to develop a high level of skill in any field you choose. Computers and other machinery that are of service to humankind are also connected to this placement. The Vertex in this House can indicate a destined connection with animals and perhaps asks you to develop the ability to understand and, when needed, be of assistance to other species whether in a spiritual sense or as a vocation.

House 7

Your doorway to higher awareness is through RELATIONSHIPS. This can describe all forms of one-to-one relationships including soul mates to business partners and even those you consider arch nemesis. You reach out to others and do not feel complete unless you can relate to them in some way - even if that's through deciphering their pain. You likely have an intimate relationship that changes the course of your life. Even if that's not the case, you seek to find a life partner. Sometimes battling an enemy opens the door to a profound understanding of your own nature. Through relationships you learn about yourself and others. Relationships help you grow to understand that we are all part of the whole, the collective, and all have a function in this world. As part of your growth of wisdom, you may be drawn to be an advocate for another. The legal profession, counselling, speaking out for the oppressed, social work, or even marriage officiant are possible outlets for this need. The area that is right for you becomes an occupation rather than just a job.

House 8

Your doorway to higher awareness is through DEEP AND INTENSE EXPERIENCES. The 8th House covers areas in life that are usually quite profound - matters of life and death, sexual experiences, surgery, research, and all little known areas. The nature and sometimes the compulsions of sexuality can be indicated by the Vertex in this House. This placement can give experiences that span from forced sex to tantric sex and even celibacy. Whatever experience you have, it completely changes your perspective of the world. As the Vertex axis is the doorway to other realities, the Vertex in the 8th House gives an interest in the process of dying and worlds beyond death. Many psychics who can talk to spirits and are natural mediums have this placement. You may have a vocation to research deeper or hidden areas in life. Psychologists and psychiatrists who probe the depths of the human mind and emotions; scientists who research the atomic structures of our reality or the unknown depths of the ocean; surgeons who are enthralled by the structures and functions of the physical body and those who study occult subjects are but a few examples. Alternative healing methods can be a passion for those with the Vertex in this House as you realise that these areas offer a much greater understanding of the energy field of the body and the physical and emotional needs of living entities.

House 9

This placement can occur if you were born in the Tropics. The 9th House is the House of exploration, whether physical, intellectual or spiritual. With the Vertex in this House you have a destiny to expand your horizons far beyond the culture into which you were born. Contact with other cultures that are vastly different to your own can be the first step in this process. You may even find you are far more drawn to a foreign culture's religion or spiritual practices than those of your birth land. If you wish to explore this, make sure you do so respectfully. Your doorway to higher consciousness and to other realities can be opened through spiritual practises and techniques for developing your inner vision. The study of history, and particularly the long cycles in history, can be a source of enlightenment for you. This can be accomplished through traditional study as well as using metaphysical practices like astrology to observe these cycles. You are particularly drawn to very ancient history. These CULTURES can open doors to realities that are completely new and different to your own. Travel and adventure give opportunities for amazing experiences which open doors to new levels of understanding of yourself and your relationship with the environment.


The Vertex (Vx) point in the natal chart is a powerful tool for spiritual and self development. If you are already walking your own spiritual path, it can show you how to level up or deepen your current practice. If you're just starting out, it can show you the most natural place for you to begin. It can provide clarity as to which directions in life you are naturally suited for provided the rest of your chart agrees. It can be particularly helpful to those who have an Unclassified natal chart shape who have come with no particular mission and are tasked with creating their own destiny, for example. At the very least, the Vertex can provide insight as to areas and topics in life which can provide us with a sense of comfort and connection to the energies of the universe and to the collective.

Thanks for following along and hopefully this article has provided you some insight you may not have had before. If you want to learn more about how the Vertex ties into your soul origins, order one of our best selling products, Level 4 Soul Origin Profile, to dive deeper.

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