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Signs You Might be an Elemental

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

As someone who believes that we experience incarnations in multiple realms, it is always fascinating to see how we carry traits from those realms into our current existence. The goal is to recognize the clues we've left ourselves so that we may integrate them into our current existence to reach our highest possible self. In soul origin profiling, it is my goal to dissect these clues for analysis so that the pieces of the puzzle come together to show the broader picture.

In the next few weeks I will be releasing blog posts which detail signs/symbols/clues to understanding which realms you may have experienced previous incarnations appropriately dubbed the Soul Origin Series. Lots of these signs overlap from one realm to the next so it's important to engage your intuitive senses in making a determination as to which realm a particular clue is from.

This week we take a peek into the Elemental realm. This is the realm of the natural elements, the fae, and mythological creatures such as dragons and satyrs. It includes a wide variety of beings from sirens to sprites and sylphs to elves.

fairies with unicorn in forest

1. Blood Type

There is some evidence that those with an RH- factor have existed in the Elemental realm. In my personal experience, those with RH- blood types are more rare and may struggle with human pregnancy simply because it's been some time since they have engaged in a human incarnation. In the US, only 15% of the population has an RH negative factor making this a unique trait to trace realm origins

2. Low Iron/Iron Deficient Anemia and Lower than Normal Body Temp

It is no secret that those in the Elemental realm are not a fan of iron. In fact, if you ask a practitioner who has worked or works with the fae, most will share stories of a time chaos ensued because they were unaware of something iron near their faerie workings. Elementals have a natural aversion to iron. Though it is not deadly to those from the elemental realm, it's really uncomfortable - not unlike a human with a specific food allergy. That said, those who have previous incarnations in the Elemental realm may suffer from low iron or iron deficient anemia. In short, their human body has carried over a spiritual allergy to the metal causing their physiology to under-produce iron which is essential to the function of the human body. Though it is most certainly a physiological issue, it is not unlike other illnesses that may find their cause in spiritual ailment.

Low iron/Iron Deficient Anemia can impact the body's core temperature. So it's a natural progression that the human body which lacks iron will be colder.

3. Appearance

Other physiological signs that you may have had previous incarnations in the Elemental realm include things like pointed ears, oddly short or or tall stature, and a look of youthfulness despite older age. Elementals typically carry some of their physical traits from their previous realm into their human existence. However, typically with those from the Elemental realm, these physical traits are out of place within their human heritage. This means that your physical elemental appearance is not inherited from your family members but that you tend to stand out among them for these traits.

4. Knowledge of the Natural World

Most Elementals find themselves most at home among the natural world. They are unique in that they instinctively know what plants, minerals, waters, etc. to use for a specific magickal or medicinal intention even if they've never had any formal training. As children, this manifests as an insatiable curiosity about the world around them. They are often found outside and have a difficult time staying indoors. They also may show an animistic viewpoint from an early age because they understand that things in the natural world each have their own spirit. I have met lots of herbalists and crystal healers who are also Elemental in origin.

child with butterfly wings and sparkles

5. Demeanor

Elementals tend to carry a positive attitude and attract children and animals to themselves without effort. Their personalities are magnetic and they are often the life of the party. This is because they generally embrace their inner child throughout their lives. They sing, dance, and, on occasion, cause mischief. We've all known someone who we'd classify as an eternal child. This can mean they appear immature but, in fact, they carry a wisdom most of us lose through the traumatic experiences of life. Elemental children are often diagnosed with ADHD when, in reality, their energy levels are just exceedingly high due to their Elemental nature. This is not to say they don't genuinely have ADHD. However, just like iron deficient anemia, ADHD is a psychological condition which can be traced to its spiritual origins in those who have previously incarnated in the Elemental realm.

These are just a few signs that you may have experienced a previous incarnation in the Elemental realm. The RH- blood type, low body temperature, and magnetic personality are also signs of other realms such as Starseed, Angelic, and Light Child. This is why it is extremely important to look at a whole picture rather than just pieces. However, most folks are unaware that these are signs of anything at all simply because they have no previous knowledge that they could be indicative of previous non-human incarnations.

These signs are taken into consideration and paired with markers in the natal astrology and fixed star chart and survey answers to determine which realms you may have experienced previous incarnation. I hope you have enjoyed learning a few of the indicators for incarnations spent in the Elemental realm and look forward to learning about the other realms in this series upcoming posts.

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Sherri Mckeon
Sherri Mckeon
Jan 13, 2020

That is interesting, green eyes is my super power :]

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