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Soul Origin Profile: its benefits & why you should get one

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

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I've been talking about Soul Origin Profiling on all my social media as of late. Currently, it's being beta-tested as we speak. Those that were around for the initial launch of the program remember it well and are excited to see its return. Those of who've never heard of it have heaps of questions and this article will answer some, if not all, of them. So, grab a cuppa and get ready to introduce yourself to a revolutionary intuitive empowerment tool that can lead you to a deeper understanding of your soul and how to live your best life according to where you've been and who you are on a soul level.

Soul origin profiling is something I began to develop in 2011 and originally launched the intuitive reading system to the public in late 2012 after multiple rounds of testing. I stopped offering profiles because I decided it needed to be refined. The system needed a more grounded approach that incorporated better holistic and practical applications within one's existence. And, I'm proud to say, it's 2019 and the program is nearly ready for a refreshed reboot and relaunch!

What is Soul Origin Profiling?

The soul is like a patchwork quilt. Each past life we experience becomes a square in the quilt pattern. The squares are woven together with the threads of time to create the fabric of our spiritual selves. For those who believe in past lives, this concept is not difficult to wrap your head around. The uniqueness of soul origin profiling is that the process explores past live incarnation realms. The past lives we experience are not limited to the realm of humanity. Many of us have experienced lives in other realms of existence including the realms of elementals, wise-ones, starseeds, angelic beings, light children, and many others.

The good news, is our souls are smart. We leave ourselves clues as to where we've been. The trick is knowing where to look. Past life realm clues appear in our dreams, current experiences, and even in our astrology - western, fixed star, and spiritual systems. We choose when we enter the earth plane. The date, the time and the place. We choose what characteristics and qualities are included in our astrological birth charts. From these clues, we can engage our intuitive and analytical senses to work together to discover revelations about ourselves. To find patterns in our astrology and our experiences.

western astrology wheel

Here's an example of someone who signs up for a full profile:

Cindy (we'll call her Cindy) fills out the initial soul origin profile survey and provides her birth information. Upon completion of her natal chart, it is discovered that most of her astrological signs are in the element of Earth. The fixed star and spiritual astrology of her chart also reveals that she has a direct link to the Andromeda star system and that her mission in her current incarnation is to show others how to access and maintain a healthy relationship with her inner child. Cindy also suffers from anemia and a body temperature lower than the average human. She has admitted in her survey that she is mischievous, loves to sing and dance, and has a definite sweet tooth.

The above are indications that Cindy may have spent previous incarnations in the elemental realm, starseed realm, and angelic realm. Because the clues we retrieve are interwoven with one another (low body temp applies to those from the elemental and starseed realms), it's paramount that we engage our intuitive senses to separate the threads of our previous incarnations in our soul fabric. From these discoveries, Cindy will be directed to continue her journey as she takes individual surveys specific to each realm. Those surveys are then intuitively analyzed to determine the possibility, and/or specificity, of your soul spending an incarnation there and, if so, in what capacity. Merfolk? Sylph? Selkie?

mermaid under water

From these conclusions, a profile is generated to tell you how these realms affect you, what traits you've carried over, strengths and weaknesses associated with these realms, and a wide variety of information to integrate into your current existence for the benefit of soul alignment. One full soul origin profile generally takes me a total of 5-6 hours to complete over a span of two rounds of surveys.

Its benefits & why you should get one:

The benefits are immeasurable provided you apply the wisdom and knowledge gained from the profiling experience practically and from a grounded place. As your strengths and weaknesses are revealed upon completion of the profiling process, a holistic approach is taken to make suggestions regarding various topics such as: diet and nutrition, hobbies, spirituality, occupation, relationships, and personalized guidance tailored to you and your specific profile. The full profile itself includes a copy of every survey and is generally 4 to 15 pages in length depending on the individual.

Soul origin profiling can literally change your life.

I have actually had past clients who have told me that getting their profile done was the catalyst for them to make big life changes and going after their biggest and most lofty dreams. One woman I profiled was a police officer who decided to start writing children's books after the profile was complete. Now she's a best-selling children's author. Another woman I profiled was a university student who decided to completely change her major and pursue her soul's calling instead of what she realized was someone else's dream for her instead of her own.

Soul origin profiling can also be done for children. Many parents that have engaged in soul origin profiling for their children discover better ways to communicate, understand, and interact with their children's specific soul needs. Parents have found they are better equipped to foster their child's natural spiritual gifts as well as how to effectively discipline their children according to who their children are on a soul level. Children's profiles also reveal to parents the lessons their child(ren) has incarnated to teach them in their current existence.

mother and daughter doing yoga

Soul origin profiling also points us in the direction of past trauma and shadows that may or may not be healed. These areas are more easily approachable once our conscious selves have an understanding of where these things have come from and the best way to address them in alignment with our soul selves.

Are there any precautions that need to be taken with soul origin profiling?

Absolutely! Just like any other intuitive reading, especially past life work, it must be approached in a grounded state of being. If it is not approached in this way, it is far too easy to allow your higher chakras to get carried away and lose touch with reality. And believe me, I've seen it.

While I believe the information is important, it is equally important to maintain attachment to your current incarnation experience. Past life information is meant to inform and teach rather to be taken on as an identity. Soul origin profiling doesn't change who you are. Rather, a soul origin profile provides glimpses into the past that can be integrated with present circumstances to better align with the highest and best version of the soul self. If the process is approached with alignment and empowerment as the goal, the growth factor is exponential.

I hope this has answered some of the burning questions regarding what soul origin profiling entails and what it does. How it can be beneficial and how it should be approached. I am SO excited to start this service again that I'm growing impatient with myself to release it to the public. However, I pride myself on perfection and will not rush the process to ensure that, when it is released, it is the best possible program on offer. I can't wait to see your astrological charts and read your surveys!

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