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What it Means to be a Wayfaring Witch

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

I've gotten a lot of attention recently over the phrase I've chosen as my slogan. I've had people ask me what is a wayfaring witch? I've also had folks write to me and tell me that the term wayfaring witch has resonated with them on a soul level. Currently I'm working on a Wayfaring Witchcraft Workshop©, but in the mean time, I thought a blog post to explain what wayfaring witchcraft is would be a great way to introduce the concept and maybe even drum up a little excitement along the way. Shall we get to it? Great!

There are all kinds of words to describe those of us who have souls prone to day dreaming about going whichever way the winds blow. Roamer. Wanderer. Explorer. Having wanderlust. But why wayfare? Out of all of the words there are that mean to travel, or be filled with the desire to travel, wayfare is one of the few that means to travel as well as to go on a journey. Wayfaring witchcraft is the essence of me - a spiritual traveler on a conscious journey.

After looking up several other options I came to the conclusion that I am not a wanderer. I am not someone with wanderlust. I am not someone who roams. All of these words contain the connotation that I move aimlessly without a goal or direction and nothing has ever been further from the truth. Though I bounce around from place to place, I do so with conscious intent. And I'll let you in on a little secret: conscious intention while flitting from one place to another keeps me centered and grounded.

Two out of three of my main astrological signs, my sun and moon, are mutable signs. This means I'm able to change with variable ease. It's quite funny really. I do love routine and usually like to have a plan but that only applies to the broad strokes. I don't need to know what is happening minute to minute so long as the framework remains sturdy. Travelling from place to place isn't always easy for me. There are positives and negatives to this life I lead. To keep myself from getting stuck on the shadow aspects of physically moving, I try to focus on the goals and intentions for my time in any given location. Even if I don't know the details of what will happen when I get there, I maintain the big picture.

An example of this is Witches in the Woods. Every year I trek out to Missouri to meet up with my fellow witches that I've met in my time in the online spiritual community. Though I have no idea what will happen during the time I'm at camp, my goal is to rewild myself and connect with nature and fellow magickal folk for those 4 days.

The term wayfare also means to secure provisions for travel. As a wayfaring witch, I am becoming somewhat of an expert at harnessing witchcraft that is mobile, suitable for travel by various means of transportation, and zeroing in on the magick of place. Preparing to voyage by plane halfway around the world requires certain packing skills that a road trip does not. And a road trip provides opportunities that an international plane flight does not. Wayfaring witchcraft is nearly a science in its own right requiring specific knowledge from the practitioner that may not be necessary to those who choose to stay in one place.

Magick of place is another unique aspect of wayfaring witchcraft. The beach holds one kind of magick while the mountains and the forests hold a different type of magick that is unique to their environment. And even still, the magick of the Indian Ocean is quite different to that of the Atlantic Ocean. Knowing what tools and techniques act as sponges to soak up as much magick of place as possible is a skill acquired by the wayfaring witch.

One of the best things about wayfaring witchcraft is, even if you're not a huge traveler, you can practice wayfaring witchcraft simply by visiting nearby locations. For instance, say you pack up and head to a local camping spot 30 minutes from your residence. I promise that this place has a distinct magick compared to your home. You don't need to be a constant world traveller to gain knowledge and skills in wayfaring witchcraft. All you need is an open mind, a little bit of resourcefulness, conscious intentions and goals for your practice, and a willingness to travel short distances to gain magickal and travel experiences.

P.S. Be on the lookout this fall for the self-paced Wayfaring Witchcraft Workshop. It includes over 15 pages for your Book of Shadows (including journal pages) and a series of videos which will teach you how to pack for different modes of transportation and landscapes, deities to keep you safe and help you on your journey, how to embrace mobile witchcraft and lessen the shock of change in your personal craft, and heaps more!

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