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Witches in The Woods 2021 (1).png

Join us once again for virtual Witches in the Woods!

Join Allorah, Pyperh, Nathalie and Chase for online ritual, readings, magick, giveaways, and more!

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Click Here for 2019 and 2020 Camp Shirts via Bonfire

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About WITW

Witches in the Woods is an annual rewilding camping trip for those in the online spiritual community. Each year we trek from all corners of the world to Oak Spirit Sanctuary in Boonville, MO to partake in a 4 day ritual of bonding, magick, ritual, and communing with ourselves and mother nature. WITW started in 2019 and those that attended not only became the alumni, they became friends bonded for life. In 2020, camp was canceled due to COVID-19 but the Alpha Squad held a wicked live stream titled Witches in the Woods 2020: Lockdown Edition (which you can view below) to bring camp into everyone's home since no one could go to camp. Looking forward, we are highly anticipating the camp comeback! What you gain by going to WITW cannot be expressed in mere words alone but must be experienced by the soul. If a rejuvenation and expansion of the self and/or your magickal practice appeals to your senses, then welcome home!

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