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Signs You Might be a Wise One

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

To continue our quest of uncovering the signs/symbols/clues of incarnation in non-human realms of existence in the Soul Origin Series, this week we take a look into the realm of the Wise Ones. This realm isn't strictly non-human but can be non-human or super human. Wise Ones exist in human and non-human realms. For example, you could have incarnated as an elven priestess in the elemental realm or a priestess of Hera in the human realm.

Magick, the occult, and earth-centered spirituality come naturally to these souls. These are the ones who have spent previous incarnations as seers, witches, druids, oracles, wise women, priestesses, clergy, or any such person who experienced psychic and healing abilities while being a source of wisdom for others.

1. Demeanor

Wise Ones incarnate into the human plane with lifetimes of experience in the magickal arts behind them. This is often why others refer to them as "old souls." They are often intense, serious, and prefer to be left in solitude rather than to socialize. Many Wise Ones I have profiled are introverts by nature. Wise Ones do have a sense of humor but it is often dry and misunderstood. Some believe that Wise Ones incarnate into this existence as priests and religious leaders due to their ability to attract others searching for spiritual wisdom. While that may be true, it does not mean that Wise Ones ONLY incarnate into these roles.

Wise Ones are also known to be extremely eccentric. They may be known to "behave oddly" throughout their lives, beginning in childhood. They may find and practice worship of the moon, astrology or divination as children. They may talk to plants and animals, bless waterways, or keep flowers long after they've died for medicinal or aesthetic reasons. These are just examples of behaviors but I think it's enough to get the picture.

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2. Romanticized Dress

Wise Ones often can be found dressing in clothing outside the current time period. More specifically, they often seek to dress in clothing aligned with when they were incarnated as a Wise One. Some popular styles among currently incarnated Wise Ones include fashions from the Victorian or Medieval era. However, fashion aligned with the culture in which you may have incarnated is also a characteristic of Wise Ones. For example, if you served as a temple priestess in Egypt, you may be drawn to Egyptian beauty standards in makeup, hair, and clothing style. Further, if you have experienced incarnation as a Wise One in a non-human realm, your style could include clothing more closely aligned with that realm. For instance, if you experienced incarnation as a priestess in the elemental realm, you may choose to wear faerie wings, ear cuffs, and a crown of crystals or flowers.

3. Irrational Fear of Drowning, Hanging, or Burning

While you may be saying "Isn't everyone afraid of those?!," Wise Ones have a much more irrational fear of meeting their demise through drowning, hanging, and/or burning than the average person. For example, if you find that you don't like to wear things around your neck because it often results in a panic attack, this may be a subconscious indication that you once experienced death by hanging. Nothing has happened in your current life to warrant such reactions but, when these stimuli produce anxiety to the point of extreme duress, it's almost certainly your subconscious trying to alert you to a past live trauma association. Though many were falsely accused of witchcraft, many Wise Ones were also persecuted. They were most commonly drowned, hung, or burned at the stake and typically will carry that trauma with them over into this life.

4. Academic Scholarship

Many Wise Ones are known to be academically inclined whether they possess formal degrees, diplomas or certifications. Even if self taught, Wise Ones seek to educate themselves and others on any and all topics regarding human kind. This can include a variety of subjects including history, art, anthropology, physics, chemistry, alchemy, divination, astrology, and etc. Wise Ones typically love to share their information through written or visual format. They also love keeping records of their discoveries, practices and information about magick and the natural world. They seek to understand the human condition and experience so that they may extrapolate spiritual lessons and truths. Many Wise Ones I have profiled show a deep love of academics and a higher than average intelligence regardless of how far they succeeded in formal schooling.

5. Natural Understanding of Energy

Wise Ones understand from an early age that everything is energy. They make natural alchemists, energy healers, herbalists, and occultists for the simple fact that they can manipulate and transform one type of energy to another. They can usually see auras and understand clair abilities to be different ways in which energy that exists is perceived and intuited by different individuals. They also may experience confusion upon learning that not everyone experiences energy the way they do. Wise One children often suffer from this as a result of parents and other adults misunderstanding or dismissing their sensitivity to energies.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about a few of the signs that you might be from the realm of the Wise Ones. As always, these signs can overlap into other realms which is why engaging your intuitive senses is paramount. Join me next week when we dive into the realm of Angels.

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